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#application [01 Jun 2017|12:14am]
welcome to allusive, we are a smut based celebrity game. please make sure you read the RULES before applying. have a look at the TAKEN LIST, once you have decided upon your role, fill out the following application. adds will be done M/W/F as long as there are at least 3 apps.

Please request membership to the intro community here.

JOURNAL: (unlinked)
AIM: optional
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#rules [31 May 2017|11:59pm]
here at ~allusive we want to focus on having fun and being laid back! please note, we are a smut based community. we don't ask much in the way of rules, but there are a few we'd like you to abide by:

1. don't be an asshole.
2. don't cross the ic/ooc unless the other player agrees.
3. your username must be your characters professional or birth name, contain no underscores or numbers and no nicknames.
4. examples must contain one scene and one journal entry.
5. f/o and ooc posts must be backdated and set to the month and day of your application.
6. update at least every three weeks, but don't do the same update every time. (i.e. one post can be a picture, the next a narrative, etc...)
7. if you are not active in your intros or regular updates (i.e. you never reply to comments) your celeb can be up for override within a week.
8. only two characters allowed per writer.

other than that be kind and have fun! we will add activities and secrets based on member interest.

#dropbox [30 May 2017|12:18am]


this post is screened, feel free to leave anything below that you may need to get to the moderators.
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#wants&needs [29 May 2017|08:18am]

This post is public, it'll be yours to post who you'd like to see join the community. This may help when people come look at the community in their decision making process. Please utilize this as much as you'd like!
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